dpzCyno (Multi-contrast MRI template of the cynomolgus macaque brain)


This project aims to provide high-quality multi-contrast symmetric and asymmetric MRI templates of the cynomolgus macaque brain, as well as comprehensive anatomical parcellations. The templates were constructed from high-resolution structural (T1-weighted, T2-weighted, Magnetization Transfer weighted, and Multi-echo gradient-recalled echo) and parametric (magnetic susceptibility, effective transverse relaxation rate, magnetization transfer saturation index, and apparent T1 relaxation time) MRI contrasts from a cohort of 14 female cynomolgus macaques. The multi-contrast-based symmetric and asymmetric cynomolgus templates with 0.25 mm and 0.5 mm isotropic resolution can serve as a final standard stereotaxic space for the neuroscience and biomedical research community. All the MRI templates with their tissue probability masks, anatomical parcellations (including cortical, subcortical, and white matter ROIs), and brain surfaces will be made available to the scientific community on Zenodo (zenodo.org).

Rakshit Dadarwal
Rakshit Dadarwal
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research focuses on the acquisition and processing of multi-contrast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data. I am particularly interested in imaging myelin and iron in the central nervous system and studying healthy aging in non-human primates using Diffusion-weighted Imaging (DWI), Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM), Magnetization Transfer Imaging, and T1 and T2-relaxometry.